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Step Outside Taawaki Inn:

Your Gateway to Arizona's
Best-Kept Secrets

Culinary and Retail Elegance at Your Doorstep

Nestled amidst the natural grandeur of Clarkdale, Taawaki Inn situates you within a leisurely stroll of gourmet dining and high-end shopping experiences. For those with a penchant for adventure, an array of hiking and biking trails await, offering a sublime communion with nature.

The Majesty of Nature's Landmarks

Indulge in the breathtaking beauty of nearby geological marvels. Whether it's the majesty of the local mountains or the tranquil flow of the Verde River, the natural surroundings of Taawaki Inn serve as a vivid testament to the vibrant essence of life, nurturing your spirit and kindling your passions.

A Short Journey to Artistic Masterpieces

For the connoisseurs of art, a brief drive transports you to a world of locally-owned artisan galleries. Immerse yourself in a rich cultural tapestry and perhaps acquire a timeless piece of Arizona to grace your home.

The Allure of Adventure

Should the siren call of the wilderness beckon, allow us to guide you on a scenic odyssey through the captivating landscapes that envelop Clarkdale. Our concierge service stands ready to curate a day trip that will leave you utterly enchanted.

Taawaki – "House of the Sun"

For the Hopi the Sun stands as a symbol of ceaseless creative and elemental vigor, elevated to divine status due to its vital contributions and life-giving influence, especially when related to corn, a cornerstone of Hopi sustenance and culture. The sun, in its radiant glory, encapsulates the very essence of cosmic vitality, fostering growth and igniting passion.

Learn more about the Hopi Culture

  1. Clarkdale Caboose
  2. El Toreo
  3. Copper Spike Cafe
  4. 10-12 Lounge
  5. Ay, Chihuahua! Mexican Food
  6. Nic's Italian Steak & Crab House
Sight Seeing
Within 30 Miles
  1. Montezuma Castle National Monument
  2. Jerome State Historic Park
  3. Chapel of the Holy Cross
  4. Slide Rock State Park
  5. Palatki Heritage Site
  6. Oak Creek Canyon
  7. Devil's Bridge Trail
  8. Crescent Moon Ranch
  9. Cathedral Rock
  10. Sedona Airport Overlook
    1. Verde Canyon Railroad - Scenic train trips with red-rock views.
    2. Verde River Access - Perfect for a picnic or a day by the water.
    3. Clarkdale Kayak Co. - Canoe & kayak rentals for a day on the river.
    4. Arizona Copper Art Museum - A charming museum in an old school building.
    5. Clarkdale Park - A great place to relax or attend local events.

      5 Best Kayaking Spots Within 30 Miles of Taawaki Inn

      1. Verde River Access
      2. Clarkdale Kayak Co.
      3. Verde Adventure River Trips by Sedona Adventure Tours
      4. Outdoor Adventure Centers - OAC Tours
      5. AZ Legend Adventures Kayak - Guided Fishing & Private Kayak tours

    Breweries & Wineries

    1. Smelter Town Brewery
    2. THAT Brewery - Cottonwood
    3. Belfry Wood-Fired Grill and Brewery
    4. Good Omen Bottling Llc
      1. Chateau Tumbleweed Winery & Tasting Room
      2. Bodega Pierce Winery & Tasting Room
      3. Southwest Wine Center
      4. Kivino
      5. Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Old Town Cottonwood Tasting Room
      Biking & Hiking
      Within 30 Miles
      1. Dead Horse Ranch State Park - Ideal for camping, fishing, and hiking.
      2. Tuzigoot National Monument - Explore the ancient Native American pueblo.
      3. Selna Mongini Park - A local park with no reviews but worth a visit.
      4. Lower TAPCO River Access Point - A nice place for hiking and river access.
      5. Mingus Mountain Trails
      6. Bell Rock Pathway
      7. Boynton Canyon Trail
      8. Cathedral Rock Trail
      Day Trips
      1. Verde Canyon Railroad
      2. Verde River Access
      3. Tuzigoot National Monument
      4. Arizona Copper Art Museum
      5. Clarkdale Historical Society and Museum
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