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Taawaki Inn gift shop

A Palette of Wonders

Discover the Essence of Hopi Culture at Taawaki Inn’s exclusive Gift Shop. From handcrafted Kachina dolls to intricate woven textiles, our curated selection offers guests a tangible connection to the rich traditions and artistry of the Hopi people.

Opening in late 2024 at Taawaki Inn

Hopi Fine Art Gallery

*Featured artists and art are subject to change*

Open Hours

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Fine art
Past Hopi Life


Featured Local Artists

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This page may contain reference to fictional artists & artistic renders prior to opening.

hopi art 2

Olivia Soma

Painting, fine art

Olivia is a painter whose work focuses on the daily lives and rituals of the Hopi people. Her paintings are a window into the Hopi world, capturing moments of beauty, spirituality, and tradition.

female hopi artist 2

Ava Naha


Ava is a textile artist who specializes in creating intricate patterns that tell the stories of Hopi legends and history. Her work serves as a visual narrative that educates and inspires.

female hopi artist
hopi male artist 2
hopi art 1 blur

Jack Talayumptewa


Jack is a sculptor whose work explores the relationship between humans and nature, often incorporating elements of Hopi mythology into his pieces.

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